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Archival and Manuscript Collections

Music manuscripts, correspondence, and archival collections are available to Northwestern students, faculty, and visiting researchers for on-site examination.

General manuscript collection

This collection includes more than 1,300 music manuscripts and nearly 1,000 pieces of correspondence from the 14th century to the present. An emphasis is placed on:

Use NUsearch to locate materials in the General Manuscript collection.

Musical autographs

Contains single letters, manuscripts, photographs and ephemera relating to composers, conductors, performers, musicologists, publishers, librettists and stage directors. Guide to the Musical Autographs Collection.

Collections by name

Browse finding aids for these collections and more in the Archival and Manuscript Collections database.

Collection Dates
American Music Edition 1920-1997
Beatles Manuscripts (part of Cage's Notations Collection) 1960-1969
Bennett, Robert Russell 1911-1981
Cage, John 1884-1992
Chicago Music Scene Web Archive 2016
Clark, Edward 1888-1962
Costa, Michael  1846-1909
Creshevksy, Noah 1966-2005
di Bonnaventura, Mario 1872-2010
Ferris, William 1952-1998
Gomezanda, Antonio 1894-1998
Johnston, Ben 1939-2003
Lombardo, Robert 1945-2012
Martinon, Jean 1923-1994
Mason, Edith 1910-1974
Meyerowitz, Jan 1935-1980
Moldenhauer Collection 1683-1973
Moran, Robert 1950-2001
Musical autographs 1819-2007
Oldberg, Arne 1894-1953
ONCE 1954-2010
Raphling, Sam 1945-2013
Ravel, Maurice 1896-1934
Reiner, Fritz 1888-1967
Ricordi 1810-1959
Saint-Saëns, Camille  1845-1921
Sowerby, Leo 1911-1995
Spencer, William Marvin 1962-1996
Stout, Alan 1961-1975