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Public Computers Policy

This policy governs access to public computers by guests without a Northwestern network ID (NetID). The objectives of this policy are:

  • To ensure that Northwestern University Library public computers are available and accessible to current Northwestern students and faculty.
  • To provide access to public computers for current students and faculty of other accredited colleges and universities.
  • To provide all other guests with courtesy access to public computers for limited periods of time and to provide a mechanism for guests with legitimate research needs to extend their courtesy access.

The library will provide up to two (2) hours of computer access to any guest, independent of affiliation. At the expiration of this period, computer access will end. Guests who wish additional time will be required to meet with a library staff member for a research consultation to certify that their research needs require access to computer resources. This access will be granted at the discretion of the library staff.

Northwestern University alumni, valid borrowers cardholders, and current students and faculty from an accredited college or university, are eligible for extended access with proper identification.

Guests who anticipate the need for extended access to public computers are asked to contact the appropriate subject specialist or collections curator ahead of their visit.

All guests who use Northwestern networks and computing resources are subject to the Library’s policies on Use of Electronic Resources and Online Content Licensed by Northwestern University.  All users also assume responsibility for using provided computer workstations in a manner in compliance with state and federal laws and University policies outlined in Rights and Responsibilities for the Use of Central Network and Computing Resources at Northwestern UniversityExpectations of Privacy; and Prohibited Use of Electronic Resources for Threats, Harassment and Pornography​ .

The library reserves the right to restrict access to public computers when necessary.

Separate policies govern guest wireless access at Northwestern.

This policy does not address physical access to the library.

Last Review: August 2015